Dear guest

We look forward to welcoming you in the woods.

Check-in and dinner

On Fridays
Check-in on Fridays between 3 - 5pm.
From 4pm we serve snacks & drinks at the boathouse by the lake.
Dinner starts at the restaurant at 7pm.

On Saturdays
Check-in on Saturdays between 2 - 5pm
From 4pm we serve snacks & drinks at the boathouse by the lake.
Dinner starts at the restaurant at 7pm.

Use of the spa area and boats
The outdoor spa, canoes and boats are available for our guests when it is light.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant from 9 – 11am.

Guided tour
We offer a guided tour where we talk about our philosophy, ideas & plans. We start 11am, from the restaurant. Just turn up if you if you are interested.

Saturday lunch if you are staying the weekend
Since we are at the end of the season our lunch restaurant recommendations are closed. Instead we offer a simple lunch box for two and a thermo with tea to be eaten on a walk in the forest or in the boat house/restaurant. Price – 50 EUR
To be picked up 11 o’clock at the restaurant. Send us a mail to order.

Lunch recommendations when in season
We recommend a trip to Bäckhästen, less than 5 km away Check it out.
Please check if they are open before you go.

Other options are Skafferiet in Hyltebruk, the restaurant at Tiraholm or Restaurang Vallsnäs. Please ask us on site for more information.

How to get to Stedsans in the woods by car
Our address is Bohult 109, 31491 Hyltebruk.
You find the sign to Bohult in the little village Hallaböke.

Find us on Maps

This is the best route from Copenhagen Airport

We have made 2 playlists on Spotify for the trip.
Find ‘The Stedsans Playlist’ here & ‘The Stedsans Romance’ here.

How to get to Stedsans in the woods by public transportation
The nearest airports are Copenhagen, Malmö/Sturup and Gothenburg.
All are within about 2-2,5 hours drive from Bohult by car.

The nearest large train station is Halmstad. Go to to plan your trip.
Bus 400 leaves from Halmstad to Hyltebruk every hour. You can check the schedule here. Since we are pretty far out in the countryside, taxis are very unreliable. Please contact us a few day before arrival, then we will pick you up in Hyltebruk.

Baby cribs
Please send us a mail in advance and it will be in your cabin on arrival.

What to bring
Stedsans in the Woods is a remote, wild, outdoor location - even the restaurant is outdoor. It is important that you bring good shoes, preferably also wellingtons/rubber boots and warm clothes matching the weather. Flip-flops for trips to the sauna and showers may be handy.
Woolen underwear is not a bad idea - not even in summer as the temperatures can drop at nighttime. Bring bathing suit for swims in the lake and trips to the sauna (if you're not into the full Scandinavian sauna experience, not wearing any clothes).

Check the weather forecast here

If you are a light sleeper, a sleep mask may be a good idea, as our curtains let the light and view to the stars (and sun) in. We have sleep masks for sale at the reception area.

In some periods around midsummer mosquitos and knots are around. We offer homemade, all-natural mosquito repellant, but bring your own if you prefer. Light, long-sleeved clothes help, and don't forget antihistamine if you are allergic.

As all of our water is recycled and/or returned back to the source, it is very important that we keep it clean. Therefore, we kindly ask you to only use fully biodegradable soap, toothpaste and shampoo when you use the showers or toilet sinks.
Soaps and shampoo are provided at the showers and toilets, but feel free to bring your own.

What not to bring
We provide towels, toiletries and all bed linen. Please notice that most of the resort is placed off the grid, with no access to electricity.

Please don't bring your best clothes as there is a chance they will get dirty and you will get cold.

We recycle water from the showers, and therefore we provide you with homemade 100% natural soaps to use for showering during your stay.

Food allergies?
Please let us know about your food allergies or eating preferences when we meet in the forest. Our food is fresh, clean and simple, and easily adjusted to the most common allergies. We are happy to cook vegetarian meals, too.

However, if your food allergies are out of the ordinary, please let us know beforehand by email

Please note that we do not offer fully vegan menus as our kitchen is not suitable for this.