Stedsans in the Woods AB  
Bohult 109, 31491 Hyltebruk, SWEDEN
Org. no: 559100-7991
Phone:  (0046) (0) 721-513614

Please email us if you would like to get in touch.


Download our press photos here. Please credit the photographers where a name is specified.


When will you open? We will open up in late July 2017. See options for accomodation, bookings and prices

How do I get there? It takes 2,5 hours or less to get to us by car from airport cities like Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Malmö. There is a bus from Halmstad to the nearby town, Hyltebruk.

When will the permanent cabins and restaurant be ready? According to the plan in the autumn of 2017. When we open up in the summer of 2017, accommodation will be in luxury beduin tents in the forest, and so will the restaurant.

Who are you? We are Mette Helbæk and Flemming Hansen. Get to know us better

Why did you move from Copenhagen? We had a bigger dream to chase. Read more about that dream

Is it true that you raised over 1 mio. SEK from supporters on Kickstarter? Yes! See more