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Stedsans is a radical, yet pleasurable approach to some of the big challenges of our life time. We believe that the solution is beautiful. And we create results! READ MORE HERE. Normally we just do it instead of talking, but we do talk too.

Supported by beautiful pictures Flemming tells about what we call the lifestyle of the future. Combining old wisdom and new knowledge about eating, living, breathing, thinking, growing and much more we challenge all paradigmes and do what most people think undoable.

With too little money we had people coming from all over the world to build a resort in the middle of a forest in a very short time. We became the link between a bunch of hippies and the Wallpaper/Vogue segment. In our case one can’t be without the other.

We charge 1500 EUR + expences for a talk. If longer travel, cooking classes and alike is included, we will send you an offer.

Please contact Flemming on for further info.

From our reference list:

Trends & Traditions 2018, Copenhagen
Øresunds Business Meeting 2018, Malmø
Basque Cullinary Centre 2017, San Sebastian
Supperfest 2017, Helsinki
TedX 2016, Östersund
MAD Food Camp 2011, Copenhagen