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We are looking for partners for Stedsans version 2.0

During the last 2 years we have been building a resort that have gained international attention and acknowledgement for setting new standards in sustainable travelling and dining. We have had thousands of happy guests and are looking forward to a 2019-season that is already sold out. This year we want to do even better, and go even deeper into the topic of sustainable hospitalitiy: How can we take people closer to nature and make them feel as amazing as possible in ways that give rather than take from the World’s ressources?

What we also want is to focus more attention on the part of the business we call ‘the lab for the lifestyle of the future’. We have developed and tested lots of new practices within areas of greener living. We have developed our own take on a cool compost toilet saving tens of thousands of liters of drinking water every year, we have experimented with off-the-grid solutions like heating up lakewater for our showers, we have come up with new ideas for urban gardening, composting, upcycling - and much more. But also here, we can do a lot better.

What we need is a more solid financial foundation, and we need more skilled and passionate people on board.

What we are looking for

We are looking to raise 800.000 Euro from a few or several serious investors and new partners. As a partner you need to:

  • have a heart that beats for making the world a better, greener place

  • be passionately interested in helping a small business grow and meet it’s full potential

  • share the thought that there is a beautiful solution to many of the World’s problems

  • have skills and network within areas like administration, logistics, design, architecture, communications, farming, foresting, hospitality, production or business development

What do we expect

We are looking for partners who, as a minimum, want to be an active part of our visionary advisory board with quarter-annual meetings.

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