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PA/Business developer needed

At Stedsans in the Woods we have started the new season with a blast by being close to fully booked from week 1. We have lots of new building- and design projects, and the most amazing, creative and nature-loving team in both kitchens and gardens. We are expanding our gardens and taking our foraging efforts to a new level. The sun really shines in Bohult this year.

However, this requires a lot of project management, and so far Stedsans' founder Flemming Hansen has been doing most of this by himself. He now urgently needs a hand from a structured, happy, cool-headed, keeping-calm-in-chaos kind of guy or girl to help him out, and to help develop the business even further.

The applicant we are looking for is quite an extradinary person with lots of different skills. Your background and level of education is not as important as being aligned with our ideas, and that you are willing to work hard for them to come true. You also need to have a strong focus on the financial parts of business, as money is an important part of running a sustainable restaurant and resort. You will have to be able to work most of the time with us here in Sweden when the resort is open May-October whereas the winter period is more flexible and less busy.

You will be spending some of your time in the office, but all days here are a bit different. You need to be able to communicate well with all kinds of people from attorneys and bureaucrats to farmers and fishermen. You are ambitious and have a strong urge to help create something truly magnificent with your sense of business processes all the way from strategic level to daily operations, at the same time as you are willing to once in a while step in and do the drive to the neighbour farms or get your hands dirty when it is needed. You are proactive and enterprising at the same time as you respect that Flemming is a very strong-willed person with grand visions and lots of drive.

The job includes:

-       project management

-       administrational work

-       following up on everyday tasks done by the different teams: Farmers, chefs, maintencance, design and guest relations.

-       answering emails and phones

-       contact with different stakeholders and authoririties

-       HR and contract making

-       financial management in collaboration with accountant, attorney and business partners.

-       making a structural framework forming the foundation of a fastpaced, creative business

The right person is:

-       very structured and an excellent project manager

-       happy to catch lots of balls and run with them – fast!

-       someone who enjoys working closely with a good crowd of creative people from all around the World

-       you need to be able to speak one of the Nordic languages, as a part of the job will be communicating with local stakeholders

-       a drivers licence is a plus

-       you are probably young and quite free of obligations

-       you are ambitious, love being close to nature, have a beating heart for sustainability issues and have great people skills

We offer:

-       a full-time, all-year position – less can be negotiated

-       the possibility of making a career in a new and upcoming but professional business with a vision to make a difference in the World, and great development potential

-       salary according to qualifications

-       the possibility of staying full- or parttime at our staff house in Flahult, Halland, Southern Sweden in an international environment together with the rest of the team of fun, skilled and visionary people from different parts of the World

-       the best staff meals imaginable, lots of fresh air and a life- and work environment focusing on great mental and physical health

How to apply:

-       Send an email to

-       Deadline is ASAP. We need the help quite urgently, and the sooner we get your application, the better.

-       We prefer short-and-sweet applications. Just a few words about your background and, very importantly, your motivation for applying, is all we need. We can always get to know eachother better during a conversation over the phone or in person.

About Stedsans in the Woods

Stedsans in the Woods is a restaurant and resort placed deep inside a Swedish forest, at the bed of Lake Halla. We have a mission to display the healing powers of Mother Nature to our guests, who come here from all over the World to eat in the off-the-grid restaurant, and spend the nights in our forest-encapsulated cabins and bedouin tents. We have a very strong urge to prove to the World (and ourselves) that paradise on Earth can be re-created, if we just let ourselves be inspired by how Nature works. We believe in abundance, and that all is connected.

Stedsans is located in a 7 hectar forest in the tiny village Bohult near Hyltebruk in Halland, Sweden - between Copenhagen and Gothenburg.
The operation includes a restaurant, conference facilities, resort facilities including cabins and tents for overnight stays, and an outdoor spa on the lake, 1 hectar of gardens supplying the restaurant, and a carpentry workshop/design studio.

We are around 15 team members throughout the season, working in areas like cooking, foraging, gardening, design, building, maintenance, communications and hotel operations.


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