Q: Are you already sold out for 2019??
A: Yes, it’s crazy, but true. However, we will open for a few more options and dates later. We will announce that in our newsletter. You can sign up at www.stedsans.org

Q: I have a gift card. There are no available days, and it expires soon. What do I do?
A: It is a situation that we didn’t see coming and it has created a lot of frustration from gift card givers, receivers and us. You can use it next year even if the date has expired. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Q: Can I buy a gift card?
A: Due to the situation mentioned above we have chosen not to sell gift cards right now.

Q: Can we come in the weekdays?
A: We have chosen not to be open in weekdays. It was too busy last year :-/

Q: Do you do catering?
A: Sorry, we don’t have the capacity for it.  

Q: Can I rent Stedsans for a private party?
A: Sorry, we don’t do parties. However, we can host a few company events like seminars etc. in the weekdays during the season. Please see details on www.stedsans.org

Q: Can I bring kids?
A: Kids are very welcome and normally very happy when visiting Stedsans. We have a few tents with an extra bed. Children under 3 are free if they sleep with the parents. Children between 3 and 15 pay 200 EUR for a stay incl. food and a bed.

Q: Can we be 3 in a cabin?
A: Only if you can share a double bed 😊. However, we have a few bedouin tents with 4 beds. We charge 3750 EUR per person when more than 2. Pls. write in comments if you are more than 2.