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Housekeeping Assistant needed

We need a nice and reliable housekeeping assistant who loves to live in a forest with young people from all over the world. The job constists of housekeeping duties of cabins situated in the forest etc. for our guests. Expect to work 40 hours per week - 25 with housekeeping and 15 hours on miscellaneous jobs in our garden, reception, building etc. We are a group of around 12 young, fun, interesting people from different nationalites so expect a great time, learning a lot about food, sustainability and living in/with nature. Most work will be in the weekends.

2,5 hours from Copenhagen - 2 hours from Gothenbourg.

From ASAP till mid November.

Wage: Food + Board + 6000 SEK per month before all taxes.

Mail to and mark 'housekeeping'.

Looking forward to meeting you.


You can read more about working in the Woods here