“To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

Buckminster Fuller”

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Stedsans is a lifestyle lab, creating solutions for a truly sustainable and happy/luxurious life, reconnected with nature. Humans are nature. We evolved in nature. We are all connected. It’s a project where we combine observations of nature, logics, old wisdom and new knowledge to get closer to our true selves in aspects of eating, living, thinking, moving, breathing, producing and much, much more. Read more here..

A Few Quotes From the Media:

’It Was Magical’, The New York Times

’The off-grid Trip of your Dreams’, AFAR Magazine

’The Beautiful Solution’ ‘A New Way of Living That’s as Sustainable as it is Delicious’ Honoured ‘Best Wild Escape’ by EasyJet Traveller Magazine

Best outdoor supper clubs in the world-list - Conde Nast Traveller

‘Seasonal, sustainable, organic, artisanal, waste-free, foraged. ..A trend we hope lasts. Especially if it looks and tastes as good as Stedsans in the Woods’ - Dish

‘This was a moment of hygge if ever we have experienced one’ - Olive

‘..Restaurant that’s shaping Copenhagen’s Post-Noma Food Scene’ - Vogue

‘A Fairy-tale’ .. ‘As off-the-grid as it gets’ - Monocle

’An Ode to Nature and Wild Life’ - Milk Decoration

Featured in 4 Gestalten Books: ‘Farmlife’ ‘Northern Comfort’, ‘Farmland’ and ‘Delicious Places’.