Here are answers to the most frequent questions we get.

Booking questions and problems

Q: There are very few/no available dates at all. Is everything sold out?

A: Not necessarily. Try choosing “All available” rather than a specific accommodation type.


Q: Is it possible to make a booking for 2018?

A: Not yet, unfortunately. We will send out info in the winter/spring 2018. First to receive the info will be our Kickstarter backers. Then those of you who receive our newsletter, before we reveal the booking link publicly. To make sure you know when it is time to book, sign up for our newsletter.


Q: There are only tents with two single beds available, but I would like a double bed. What can I do?

A: No problem, we will make a double bed for you. Just leave a note in the comments field before checking out.


Q: One of us don't drink alcohol. What is the price?

A: The price is the same. However, you should know that we put a lot of effort into making alcohol free drinking menus from local berries and things we find in the forest.


Q: What if I would like to bring children?

A: You are of course welcome to bring your children. We do not make special menus for them. You can see the options and prices on page 2 of the booking process or here.


Q: I would like to stay in my own tent. Is that possible?

A: Yes! While booking, first choose "Dinner including drinks". On page 2, choose "Dinner + stay in own tent and brunch". The price is 1850 SEK all inclusive per adult/650 SEK per child. If you bring your own tent, we also ask you to bring your own sleeping equipment. You can borrow our towels and share toilet/shower facilities with other guest.


Q: There are no more seats available for dinner only. Can I book anyway?

A: There could be. Write us an email with your desired date and we will see if we can find room for you and your guests around the table. If you would like to make a same-day booking, give us a call at: (0046) (0) 721-513614


Q: Seats in the restaurant can only be booked for groups of up to 8 people. What if we are more than that?

A: Please write us an email and we will se what we can do.


General questions


Q: Can I buy a gift certificate?

A: Yes. See more here


Q: How do I get to you, and what should I bring?

A: Please see the page "Before your stay"


Q: Which is the nearest airport?

A: Gothenburg is around 2 hours away. Copenhagen and Malmö are both around 2.5 hours away by car.


Q: How do I get to you if I don’t have a car?

A: From Halmstad you can take bus 400 to Hyltebruk from where you can take a taxi.


Q: I am allergic or intolerant to certain food items, vegetarian or following a specific diet. Can I still dine with you?

A: Yes. Our food is fresh, clean and simple and easily adjusted to the most common allergies. Just leave a comment before checking out when you book. If you forget this, you can always write us an email. We are happy to cook vegetarian meals, too (actually a lot of our dishes are vegetarian). Due to the size and equipment of our kitchen we are, however, not able to offer fully vegan menus.


Q: Can I bring my cat or dog?

A: No, unfortunately pets are not allowed.


Q: I have read that you will have wooden cabins and a glass restaurant. When will this be ready?

A: In 2018 according to the plan.


Q: How long will you be open for in 2017?

A: Until the end of October.


Kickstarter questions


Q: I don't get your updates to Kickstarter backers. Why?

A: Perhaps you have changed your email recently without changing it in the Kickstarter system? Please update it by logging into Kickstarer.


Q: Will the Kickstarter backers be the first receive the booking link for bookings in 2018?
A: Yes.