Q: Are you already sold out for 2019??
A: Yes, it’s crazy, but true. However, we will open for a few more options and dates later. We will announce that in our newsletter. You can sign up using the form below.

Q: I have a gift card. There are no available days, and it expires soon. What do I do?
A: It is a situation that we didn’t see coming and it has created a lot of frustration from gift card givers, receivers and us. You can use it next year even if the date has expired. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Q: Can I buy a gift card?
A: Due to the situation mentioned above we have chosen not to sell gift cards right now.

Q: Can we come in the weekdays?
A: We have chosen not to be open in weekdays. It was too busy last year :-/

Q: Do you do catering?
A: Sorry, we don’t have the capacity for it.  

Q: Can I rent Stedsans for a private party?
A: Sorry, we don’t do parties. However, we can host a few company events like seminars etc. in the weekdays during the season. Please see details on

Q: Can I bring kids?
A: Kids are very welcome and normally very happy when visiting Stedsans. We have a few tents with an extra bed. Children under 3 are free if they sleep with the parents. Children between 3 and 15 pay 200 EUR for a stay incl. food and a bed.

Q: Can we be 3 in a cabin?
A: We have one cabin with 3 beds and a tent with 4 beds. We charge 3750 EUR per person when more than 2. Pls. write it in comments if that is the case.

Q: Can we bring our kids?
A: Absolutely, they will probably have a blast in the woods! We have boats and canoes and lots of room for kids to roam and have fun in Nature.Please notice that we do not offer specific kids menus, and that the 3-4 hour 6-course dinners can be lots of fun and a new experience for older kids, whereas they can be a bit more of a challenge with toddlers.

Q:And how about our dog?
A: Dogs are very welcome everywhere in the woods except for the restaurant. Please keep them in leash if needed. Pls. notice that your dog a ‘dog passport’ to enter Sweden.

Q: What if we only want the food experience?
A: Sign up for our newsletter HERE and you will get an email when we release dates for dinner only-reservations.