Here are answers to the most frequent questions we get.

Booking questions and problems


Q: There are only tents with two single beds available, but I would like a double bed. What can I do?

A: No problem, we will make a double bed for you. Just leave a note in the comments field before checking out.


Q: One of us don't drink alcohol. What is the price?

A: The price is the same. However, you should know that we put a lot of effort into making alcohol free drinking menus from local berries and things we find in the forest.


Q: What if I would like to bring children?

A: You are of course welcome to bring your children. We do not make special menus for them, but usually children like our food.


Q: I would like to visit the restaurant without staying over. Is that possible?

A: We release available seats for dinner and brunch two weeks ahead, so check our website/booking site shortly before your stay.


General questions


Q: Can I buy a gift certificate?

A: Yes. You do so on our booking site: stedsans.org/booking


Q: How do I get to you, and what should I bring?

A: Please see the page "Before your stay"


Q: Which is the nearest airport?

A: Gothenburg is around 2 hours away. Copenhagen and Malmö are both around 2.5 hours away by car.


Q: How do I get to you if I don’t have a car?

A: From Halmstad you can take bus 400 to Hyltebruk from where you can take a taxi. Please book taxis ahead of time via Sennans Taxi as you otherwise cannot expect to find a taxi in Hyltebruk.


Q: I am allergic or intolerant to certain food items, vegetarian or following a specific diet. Can I still dine with you?

A: Yes. Our food is fresh, clean and simple and easily adjusted to the most common allergies. Just leave a comment before checking out when you book. If you forget this, you can always write us an email. We are happy to cook vegetarian meals, too (actually a lot of our dishes are vegetarian). Due to the size and equipment of our kitchen we are, however, not able to offer fully vegan menus.


Q: Can I bring my cat or dog?

A: No, unfortunately pets are not allowed.


Q: I have read that you will have wooden cabins and a glass restaurant. When will this be ready?

A: In 2018 according to the plan.


Kickstarter questions


Q: I don't get your updates to Kickstarter backers. Why?

A: Perhaps you have changed your email recently without changing it in the Kickstarter system? Please update it by logging into Kickstarer.


Q: Will the Kickstarter backers be the first receive the link for when you open for new bookings?
A: Yes.