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Dinner and breakfast are always included in the price when you stay with us, whereas you can buy lunch on site.

Sometimes we have a few spare seats for dinner and/or breakfast for people not staying over. These are released two weeks ahead through our booking system.

Forest dinner on Weekends

Every Friday and Saturday we light the fires in the off-the-grid restaurant in the forest.
The food is very simple. It is made mainly on ingredients from our forest and gardens, with some additional items from local sustainable farms, dairies and local fishermen.
Our aim is to serve food that is as high in taste, freshness and vibrance as possible. We harvest on the day and sometimes minutes before serving to present the excellent ingredients in their best and purest form. Please don't expect highly elaborated food.
The dinner takes place around our communal tables and is served family style.
With the food we serve natural wines or homemade alcoholfree alternatives made on herbs from our medicinal garden and the forest.
The food is mainly plantbased, and a fully vegetarian menu is no problem for the chefs to make. Since we work in a simple outdoor kitchen we don’t have capacity to do vegan food.

Thursday barn night dinner

Think bonfire outside, bubble bar, Norway lobsters (they are local so misleading name), wild boar racks or whatever the day brings. And good music. We create the setting – you bring the vibe.

It is simple and informal. We make the food - you pick it up and go get the bubbles at the bar. You can sit around the bonfire or in the barn at the table or in the couch. If it’s cold outside it is also cold in the barn so bring proper clothes. It is always warm sitting on a sheep skin around the fire.

Welcome bubbles
3-4 courses made on the the best ingredients we can get - served casually


Every day we make breakfast with homebaked bread, soaked granola, and fresh greens, fruit and berries from the forest and fields surrounding us, eggs from our chicken cooked over fire - and much more.


When you stay overnight, you have the possibility of ordering a lunch box.