Where are we and how do you get there?

Stedsans in the Woods is placed in the region Halland in Southern Sweden. In the tiny village Bohult Stedsans inhabits a 7 hectare forest, that will be the home of animals, plants, and people with the best of intentions - and a retreat for anyone who wants to get closer to nature for a day or two.

Southern Sweden is one of the least populated places in Europe, full of lakes and deep forests, and still close to big cities. Bohult is placed 2,5 hours by car from airport cities like:
Copenhagen: 2,5 hours
Malmö: 2 hours
Gothenburg: Less than 2 hours
Stockholm: 4 hours
cHalmstad: 45 minutes

The train goes to the nearby town, Hyltebruk.



You can reach us by email

Please notice that we are little two-person company trying to spend as little of our lifes as possible in front of the computer. We get more emails than we have the time to answer.