Could we have a World where people are more important than money?

Last night we went to bed really happy. Our fundraising campaign had hit our first goal: The 500.000 SEK needed for us to start building the cabins our guests will spend the night in, when they share a meal at Stedsans in the Woods when we open in summer 2017. We still need lots of money to finish the project. But this truly proved to us that we are on the right track.

Now that we have reached our goal, we can be completely honest with you (sorry, making dreams come true sometimes take a little fake-it-till-you-make-it): We literally had nothing but a forest and a strong believe that we would succeed. Some sketches from the carpenters and our amazing architects. A huge backpack full of experiences of ups and downs in the restaurant business. And loads of dreams, ideas and wishes for the future.

We still don’t have much more than that. But then again, we do. We have the love and support from 319 backers (the number this morning, keeps rising) - people who believe in us so much that they have collected 607.030 SEK for us so far. Enough to start building and enough to have confidence enough to start setting up a volunteers program. It really happens now, right before our own eyes.

This project is all about showing other ways. We can’t necessarily see those ways now, but we know there are better alternatives than using those mechanisms that created all the problems we have in World today. Money has a lot to do with these problems that make people and planet shiver in pain and fatigue (like we wrote here).

What if we could do this without a bank? We ask ourselves. What if we could do it without an investor who wants to own our soul and tell us to work harder when the results are not as desired? Our plan is grand and ambitious, we want to create something truly amazing. What if the idea about creating something that would make people happier and the planet a better place to be was more important than how to pay for it? What if we could do this on a foundation of love and support from real people instead of using the financial system that has fucked so much up?

The results we see this morning makes us believe that we can, with lots more hard work and dreaming.
We cannot thank you enough for your support.
We would not be able to do this without any single one of the people who contributed to this project - it’s not about the size of the donation as much as it’s about the number of people we are to raise this.

(And please don’t stop spreading the word about #stedsans2017 - we can always use more love and support)

Flemming & Mette

Flemming Hansen