Why did we choose a crowdfunding campaign?

Yesterday afternoon we launched a campaign on Kickstarter to help us fund the building of Stedsans in the Woods. We are overwhelmed by the response (more than 25% of our goal is reached already!), and it makes us believe that crowdfunding was a good choice.

With crowdfunding we ask you, our community, for help instead of relying on a bank (in case we where in the lucky situation that we could just ask a bank) or some loaded guy. We believe you get loads back (not least the dopamine release of doing something good), but we also get more than just money. We already knew we had a very supportive community. Several people have been regulars at our restaurants, at our green grocer and at the pop-ups for over a decade (thank you, thank you, thank you, you made it all worthwhile when it was really hard at times).

Another good point is that we believe that people, not money, should change the World. It is said many times because it is very true:

Skærmbillede 2016-12-22 kl. 07.51.37.png

Yes! Einstein just knew better.

By choosing crowdfunding we activate mechanisms far away from those of the bank World and growth paradigm that makes planet Earth (and her people) shiver in pain and fatigue. We activate helpfulness, a sense of doing the right thing, we do things for a better good together without a specific profit goal being more important than the overall idea: Creating something that makes people happy and the World a little better.

Flemming Hansen