Stedsans 2017

The 2016 season is coming to an end, and it's been a blast. We felt and shared so much happiness at the rooftop farm this year. We added love and fire to loads of Mother Natures beautiful creations straight from the fields of our favourite farmers. It's not over yet - but almost. And this time it's for good, at least as this location. Our mission at ØsterGRO is accomplished. We have served almost 10.000 guests during the last two years in Copenhagen, and hopefully some of them walked down the spiral stairscase from the roof feeling inspired to care more about nature, to share more, and to spread some good energy. We know for sure that new friendships have been made, and that we have made a lot of people very happy (and full. And drunk!). We followed our hearts and created just that magical, vibrant, green and growing place, we saw in front of us in early spring 2015.

But now we see something else in front of us. We see a place in real nature, the way the World once was. We see a restaurant, where the elements are even more present when we cook; the fire, the water, and the air with the sun and the stars on top. The soil with living crops in it. We see an atmosphere, where our guests can feel even more out-of-this-world happy to be just breathing, eating, and sharing. That's what we want to create when Stedsans reopens in summer 2017. We're not ready to share the excact location with you, as a lot of things still have to fall into place, but we feel certain, you will find us if you have read this far.

Crossing our fingers that we will accomplish this new mission, too.

Flemming & Mette

Flemming Hansen