Stedsans in the Woods is a restaurant and simple resort founded in 2017 by chef Flemming Hansen as a place to invite people to get really close to Nature. The aim is for guests to be able to re-connect with and feel the healing powers of Nature. It is located at a forest lake in Halland, Sweden.

The restaurant is placed in the middle of the forest, and uses fire as the only heat source. Plants are the main ingredients for the meals, and the main parts of these are gathered in the surrounding forest, or picked right before dinnertime in the restaurant's own fields. Some vegetables are sourced from local organic farms, fresh fish are picked up from the fishermen at nearby lake Bolmen, and meat is from the farm's own animals, from local hunters, or from farms in the area.

Without compromise all food on the plates is selected and put together in an effort to create meals with as high vitality as possible. We drag upon ancient wisdom as well as new scientific knowledge when we create tasty meals that do good and only good, with love and intention as significant ingredients.

Guests stay overnight in canvas tents or simple wooden cabins equipped with only the most necessary to nourish the soul: Organic bed linen, great comfortable beds, beautiful hand crafted or re-used furniture. The interior design is curated by Flemming’s wife, Mette Helbak, who is a Danish cookbook author and stylist, with inspiration in Japanese wabi sabi and Nordic minimalism.

The resort facilities include a floating sauna, and in 2018 an outdoor spa area will be ready, including outdoor hottub, outdoor showers, and a yoga/meditation platform.

The idea behind the resort is to not only offer guests a unique experience of being really close to nature, but also to play around the concept of sustainable living. How can we live more in sync with the nature within and around us, for the benefit of both people and planet? This is done in collaboration with professionals from the science- and lifestyle Worlds: architects, designers, chefs, farmers, philosophers, and more.

We experiment with simple, logical solutions to better use of water, energy, and waste. We call it a lab for the lifestyle of the future.


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Beauty and seduction is nature’s tools for survival because we protect what we fall in love with.
— Louis Schwartzberg