Stedsans in the Woods - where wild nature meets beautiful luxurious meals, a place to rest and nourish the soul, and permaculture farming.

From summer 2017 Stedsans is realising a dream of combining the surroundings of wild nature and a permaculture food forest with the luxury of eating a beautiful meal made on the best and freshest ingredients possible, and a comfortable and stylish place to rest by the lake. All this in a living laboratory searching for better ways to live and eat.


New standards for sustainability.

In an environment with only natural ingredients there is no waste. All leftover food feeds animals on the farm or becomes soil and all water goes directly to the vegetables. With a very high level of self sufficiency, transportation, packaging and food waste is at a minimum.

The restaurant and kitchen will be placed in a greenhouse we call 'the 3rd room'. It isn't indoor and it isn't outdoor. It is 10 metres high and 800 m², a greenhouse placed in the forest by the lake. The floor is the forest. It is heated with sunshine, the hot air from the oven goes through the bench at the long table etc. A nice room with no use of fossil fuel. It will be our home, restaurant and nursery where we grow tomatoes, herbs and salads. We can even expand the seasons and grow food most of the year in a Nordic climate while we build up topsoil.

It will be a playground and a lab for combining the principles of lean, small scale production, permaculture, beauty and amazing food.

Food metres instead of food miles.

Follow the process in our semi-outdoor kitchen where we cook with fire. At Stedsans we love beautiful plates served in nice surroundings. But the flow of good energy and all processes before plating are equally important. The life in the soil, the right varietes/species. If you want it fresher, you need to eat directly from the plant - the good atmosphere in the kitchen, the relationships, vitality, hospitality, the passion for good taste etc. Most ingredients come directly from the forest or our small scale permaculture farm and are often picked or harvested minutes before they end on the plate. Living fish come directly from local lakes. We love working in the area between top luxury and simple living.

In collaboration with the carpenters from Københavns Møbelsnedkeri we offer cabins placed in the forest and at the lakeside, equipped with everything needed for resting the body and nourishing the soul - and nothing more.

More hip than hipsters carpenters Københavns Møbelsnedkeri who started working with wood when they made their own basses and now make million kroner kitchens in New York are partners and good friends. They designed and help us build the cabins on pillars amongst the trees, at the lakeside and on fleets in the water.

On a lower budget you sleep in our hammock dorm. Everything is nice, but the prices are different. That is to create the right mix of people at the refectory table. You don’t need to be loaded to be welcome at our table.

We plan to open in summer 2017.

When we are ready to take bookings, we send out a newsletter. Kickstarter backers and other supporters get the booking link first.