The Beautiful Solution

Stedsans in the Woods is a retreat in Halland, Sweden with an off the grid restaurant in the forest by the lake and a permaculture farm.

We believe that the solution to almost any big problem is beautiful, well tasting and happy. A solution that empowers us all.

Our aim is to create, inspire and consult in good-looking, easy-to-use permaculture methods in cities and forests.

Our building and farming methods are based on the permaculture principles i.e. a system inspired by nature for a truly sustainable living including plants, animals and architecture. Principles that are good for topsoil, water, biodiversity, meaningfulness, health and resilience.

We Create Significant Results

The food is produced is poison-free. With very few, logical eceptions all ingredients haven’t travelled more than an hour to reach Stedsans. Almost everything was harvested/foraged same day as it is served.

The restaurant, showers and cabins are water-neutral. We use filtered lake water from our own lake for everything in the restaurant,toilets and showers. Since we only use 100% biodegradable products, our guests can feel good taking a long, hot shower since it is all released back into the lake. Besides being truly sustainable it is the cost-effective solution compared to building sewers etc.

Our instagramable compost toilets, that have been featured in several international lifestyle magazines, build up topsoil in contrast to modern toilets that yearly flush out 10.000 liters of clean drinking water per person. Water that needs to be cleaned afterwards.

We Work With Good People

Stedsans is a holistic project, meaning that we know a lot about a lot, but we are not experts (I guess we are when it comes to flavours and cooking). However, working hard for over 20 years with farm-to-table and more than 10 years with health and sustainability, we have a unique network. We have a lot of very nice, thorough and trustworthy people we can ask when needed. And we read a lot of books and listen a lot.




Stedsans is Danish for ‘sence of place/direction’. We interpret it as something with terroir, using your sences and which direction we need to go. It is founded by Mette Helbæk and Flemming Schiøtt Hansen.

Visual, materials and concept.
Candidate in Communication, author of 4 cookbooks about natural eating, founder of ‘Din Baghave’ (Your backyard) - a veggie store providing fresh produce directly from the very best farmers around Copenhagen and it’s top restaurants, co-founder of the roof top restaurant, Stedsans Østergro, editor for a restaurant guide and food critic for The White Guide and food stylist.

CEO, Head Chef, wines, R&D and concept.
Diploma in economics and logistics, + 20 years as restaurant owner (wines, floor, admin, dishwash, kitchen - always farm to table), co-founder of Stedsans Østergro, ski instructor, inventor and friendly revolutionary.

Bohult, Halland

Eastern Halland is one of Europe’s most remote places - still close to big cities like Copenhagen and Gothenburg. We are surrounded by rivers, 1000s of big, clean lakes and a lot of forest - last year, when the season peaked, we had 4 different edible mushrooms within 50 meters from the restaurant. We are 50 km from the ocean. There are a lot of very interesting farmers and 3 organic micro dairies in the region. It is a very interesting place!

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