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“To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” - Buckminster Fuller

Stedsans is a lifestyle lab, creating solutions for a truly sustainable and happy/luxurious life, reconnected with nature. Humans are nature. We evolved in nature. We are all connected. It’s a project where we combine observations of nature, logics, old wisdom and new knowledge to get closer to our true selves in aspects of eating, living, thinking, moving, breathing, producing and much, much more. The beautiful solution on most of this world’s problems is to bring us back to nature and bring nature back to us.

Our aim is to inspire and consult in beautiful, easy-to-use permaculture methods in cities and forests.

We create significant results.

With way too little money we have accomplished to create an off-the-grid retreat with a restaurant, cabins, a farm and much more in a very short time. We are still in process and will always be. When you buy a stay at Stedsans, you buy more than a ticket to a good experience. You also support a project that in a very positive way tries to deal with solutions on very serious challenges.

The restaurant, showers and cabins are water-neutral. We use filtered lake water from our own lake for everything in the restaurant. Since we only use 100% biodegradable products, we can feel good, releasing all water back into the lake. Our showers are placed by the lake. Our guests can have a nice, long shower since we use lake water that runs back into the lake. Besides being truly sustainable it is the cost-effective solution compared to building sewers etc.

Our instagramable compost toilets, that have been featured in several international lifestyle magazines, build up topsoil and fertilizer for flowers in contrast to modern toilets that flush out 10.000 liters of clean drinking water that needs to be cleaned per person per year.

Our building and farming methods are based on regenerating/permaculture principles, meaning that we work with nature instead of against it. It’s easier and sustainable. Principles that are good for topsoil, water, biodiversity, meaningfulness, health and resilience.

We work with good people! We work with serious nutritionists, farmers, philosophers, architects etc. Each in their field working with respect and understanding of nature.