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Welcome to the woods

Stedsans is a wild outdoor resort and restaurant in Hyltebruk, Halland, where we aim to combine the surroundings of wild nature and a permaculture farm with the luxury of eating a beautiful meal made from the best and freshest ingredients possible, and a simple but comfortable place to rest by the lake. We call the place a ’lab for the lifestyle of the future’, and try to make every choice and action as sustainable as possible, for the sake of our guests, our staff, and the planet.

We believe that all is one, and that the vitality of high-quality, freshly harvested foods can be experienced and benefitted from by people.

During the week we offer our Thursday Barn Night dinner around the bonfire before a stay in one of our cabins or tents. The dinner is included in the price.

The forest restaurant is open on Fridays and Saturdays and the 6 course dinner is included when you stay a night on a weekend.

Every day we make breakfast with homebaked bread, soaked granola, and fresh greens, fruit and berries from the forest and fields surrounding us - and much more.

Sometimes extra seats for dinner or breakfast are available for guests not spending the night. These can be booked through our booking system.